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OHWR Mission Statement

The Oak Hill Wildfire Relief Committee is dedicated to assisting our neighbors in the Scenic Brook and South Windmill Run neighborhoods to rebuild homes and lives after the wild fire of April 17th, 2011.

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Photo Credits: Alberto Martinez and Jay Janner, Austin American Statesman
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A brief synopsis of where we currently stand:

Insured Homeowners of Scenic Brook and South Windmill Run –

  • Approximately 20 of our neighbor’s homes were destroyed or severely damaged by the wildfire.  Despite having homeowners insurance, many neighbors are struggling with tremendous out-of-pocket costs.  Expenses not covered by their insurance – to include demolition of their homes, providing security and other related costs – have created a significant financial burden for them.  Funds have been, and will continue to be, raised and distributed by the neighborhood fund raising task force for these neighbors to help defray out-of-pocket costs that were incurred when the wild fire swept our neighborhoods.  Please join us in our rebuilding efforts.

Uninsured Homeowners of Scenic Brook –

  • Lilly Henric, 7210 Scenic Brook Drive – Lilly’s roof caught fire from flying ash and hot embers and eventually collapsed inwards. Most of the home’s contents were destroyed by fire, the weight of the falling roof and the water used to battle the blaze. From a massive pile of burnt rubble, volunteers from our neighborhoods in Oak Hill and Austin began a controlled demolition with the intent to salvage as much as possible. On July 10, 2011, volunteers finished removing 6 industrial dumpsters (approximately 170 yards) of debris from Lilly’s home. The slab, outer rock walls and plumbing are intact. Permits are in place. The fireplace was recently demolished (thanks to Hastings Contracting) and the first phase of construction – to completely rebuild the roof structure and dry it in – has begun thanks to the materials received through the work of the Oak Hill United Methodist Church and Richard Reeves, who we are forever grateful. We hope to finish the first phase by the middle of September. As additional funding and materials are received, the second phase of construction will begin – to completely reconstruct the inside of Lilly’s home. John Pfannkuche is serving as Lilly’s construction supervisor/contractor. (Bless you John!) Lilly Henric’s rebuild fund balance is approximately $11,000 and will go towards the first and second phases of construction. Please join us in rebuilding Lilly Henric’s home.
  • Janice and Doug Todd at 7209 Scenic Brook Drive – Janice and Doug’s attic caught fire from flying ash and burning embers entering their attic vent.  The attic fire caused severe damage to the Todd’s two front rooms, as well as extensive smoke damage throughout their house.  The Todd’s home was quickly stripped to the studs within 2 weeks from the date of the fire by a large group of volunteers from our Oak Hill neighborhoods and Austin.  The slab, side outer walls, plumbing, fireplace and roof are intact.  Even so, a portion of the Todd’s roof will eventually have to be replaced.  Next steps will be to obtain permits and begin the rebuilding process as soon as certain legal issues are resolved.  Fred Thomas has agreed to serve as the Todd’s construction supervisor/contractor.  (Bless you Fred!)  An architect, interior designer and landscaper have also volunteered to assist the Todd’s in rebuilding their home.  Janice and Doug Todd’s rebuild fund balance is approximately $40,000.  In addition, as an employee of a home-building supply company, Mr. Todd is eligible, and applying for, a $10,000 grant from the company. Please join us in rebuilding Janice and Doug Todd’s home.

Thank you for your time and for any assistance you may provide for our neighbors during these tough times!

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12 Responses to About

  1. Kathy Morgan says:

    Thanks so very much for leading us through the best ways to help Lilly and the Todds directly. 🙂

    • DOUG TODD says:


  2. Trish and Vernon Bingham says:

    Thank you so much!

  3. Rosie Beck says:

    Great job on revising and updating this website!!! Communication and networking is so vital.

  4. April P. says:

    My husband and I went to the benefit yesterday and were overwhelmed by the compassion and selflessness of all the volunteers! We will be back to help and bring donations of our unused belongings!

    • Thank you for coming and thank you for the nice comment. That feeling you got is what keeps us volunteers going. The amount of people that have joined together to help is the fortunate side of such an unfortunate disaster. It has brought a since of community to all of us. There will be another bigger garage sale August 12th-13th. Please click on the updates tab or events tab for more info, there is a link to the flyer on there. We could use your donations and help with this one as well. Thank you again!

  5. Marie Cackler says:

    Did you contact Lowes? After the fire they came and donated a whole bunch of 2x’s, plywood, nails, water, etc. to the Cespedes who had lost their home. I’d even contact Home Depot and McCoy’s (toward DS) and make them aware of Lowes donation. Just a thought if it hadn’t already been acted on.

    • Hey Marie,
      Thanks for keeping the ideas rolling. Unfortunately we did contact McCoy’s, Lowes, and Home Depot with a request for supply donations for the roofing and received a price quote for each but no donation. We sent in the proper documents for donation request, but did not succeed. However some smaller business are beginning to donate more materials and services bit by bit, and if we keep this same momentum going, we will rebuild. All of us believe we will get there, it’s just going to take time. Thanks again for thinking of that, keep the idea train rolling, that’s what progress is based on.
      Neighbors Who Care

  6. Alicia Sullivan says:

    Richard had fun volunteering for your garage sale. The Sullivans hope you raised a good amount of money!!

    • Gary Hunt says:

      Alicia, I cannot tell you how much the whole crew enjoyed your entire family. You were just exactly what volunteering looks like from my perspective-David, Angeline, Richard and you started us off to a great day by being some of the first on the scene. Your help was invaluable and I am holding your banquet table hostage in my garage…I’m ready to give it back unharmed so maybe you or Daivid could give me a call and I could bring it by or whatever. My number is 512-659-1650-cell OR 512-301-8352-home. You probably know by now that we made $6025.50 on the garage sale. We have already sent out seven checks for $800.00 to the ones who need it most and on top of our $300.00 priviously sent to 21 families after our first big fundraiser to address the neighborhood at large. We also put $3000.00 more in the Henric building fund. Thank you and David and the kids again for us. Hope to see you in the future


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